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Sunnoku are organic bio-fertilzers made for vegetables, crops, fruits and flowering plants. They are developed using natural and organic ingredients and without the aid of chemicals. Our solutions are environmental friendly and certified for organic use.


Sunnoku Floral contains micro nutrients and nutrients which help plants develop strong stems and leaves generating good flowers and fruits. The micro nutrients in particular, when it comes into contact with moisture, assist in the formation of colourful and bright flowers.


Sunnoku Veggies contains nutrients and minerals that facilitates good growth in vegetables and crops. Active enzymes are released when it comes into contact with moisture due to the microbes in Sunnoku. This acts with the nutrients in the soil, making it easily available for plants.

Where to use Sunnoku

Sunnoku is ideally applied to plants in gardens, farms, pots and beds. The soil preparation has to ensure that the soil is not tight but is sufficiently firm and porous. Mixing the soil with soil with organic manure and with Koujkin will provide a good nutrition base.