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Sunnoku – Floral – new label

Sunnoku Floral


The microbial fertilizer, Sunnoku-Floral, contains micro nutrients and nutrients which help plants develop strong stems and leaves generating good flowers and fruits. The micro nutrients in particular, when it comes into contact with moisture, assist in the formation of colourful and bright flowers.

Sunnoku is produced with natural and organic ingredients in a natural process, without the aid of chemicals. It is environmental friendly, and safe to use.

Sunnoku is available in 400g and 900g packets via the website.

Sunnoku is also available in 30kg bags for bulk buyers. Please send us a message through our contact form if you want to buy large quantities.



Where to use Sunnoku
Sunnoku Floral are ideally applied to plants in small gardens, small farms, pots and small beds. The soil preparation has to ensure that the soil is not tight but is sufficiently firm and porous.

Mixing the soil with soil with organic manure and with Koujkin will provide a good nutrition base.

Edward Rose
Red Hibiscus
Single Oleander
Red Cluster Rose
Yellow Hibiscus
Red Rose
Pink Hibiscus
Bluebellvine Flowers
Jasmine Flower
Periwinkle White
Ixora Plant
Sunnoku – Floral powder

How is Sunnoku applied
Plants can be transplanted or seeds can be planted, depending on the type of plant. The prepared soil in pots, beds or the field must be moist (need not be excessively watered but sufficiently wet). Moisture must seep at least 6 inches into the soil.

As the roots form (in a week to 10 days), the first dosage of sunnoku can be applied bu hand around the root. A large of quantity of water should be poured but the water must not leach the Sunnoku away from the roots.

For larger and older plants, loosen the soil around the roots first. Sunnoku is applied around the plant roots and the watered.

For new plants and seedlings, the second dosage is applied in 10 days. Thereafter every 2 weeks on a regular basis during the life of the plant. Regular weeding will help the plants grow well, otherwise the weeds would absorb the nutrients.

Once in 2 months, a booster dosage of organic manure and Koujikin will provide a long lasting impact on the plant. When using chemical fertilizers, Sunnoku can be used as a booster once a month.

Pesticides and insecticides should not be used when using Sunnoku.

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