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Koujikin – New label Apr 18(1)



Koujikin is a soil regenerator for all plants and crops. When the soil is depleted of nutrients, or is affected by the presence of residual chemicals, Koujikin recharges the soil by releasing nutrients and by breaking up any chemical residues. Koujikin contains a number of microbes and bacteria. These are obtained naturally without the use of chemicals. The microbes help generate active enzymes, which act on the nutrients in the soil, making them easily available to plants.

Koujikin is safe for the environment. The materials are all natural, without toxic effects since no chemicals used. However since it is powdery, it is recommended that a face mask is used to prevent accidental inhalation, especially for those with respiratory problems.

Koujikin is available in 900g packets via the website.

Koujikin is also available in 30kg bags for bulk buyers. Please send us a message through our contact form if you want to buy large quantities.


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