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Koujikin is a soil regenerator for plants and crops. It holds a number of microbes and bacteria that generate active enzymes, which act on the nutrients in the soil, making them easily available to plants.

Our product is created using natural materials and certified for organic use. Koujikin recharges the soil, increasing the quality of crops and improving the soil structure.

How Koujikin works on the soil

Koujikin is made using agricultural residues such as bran, starch, residues like straw, bagasse, and dried leaves (contain good nutrient contents). These are fermented in the presence of microbes and enzymes, in a controlled atmosphere, to produce Koujikin. The resident microbes become active when applied to the plants, and they improve the biological activity of the plants by releasing micronutrients from the soil.

The fundamental character of Koujikin is similar to compost manure. While compost fertilizers take a long time to ferment, Koujikin is effected in the presence of aerobic bacteria which causes the microbes and enzymes within Koujikin to act on the vegetable matter in the soil. This releases the nutrients from the vegetable matter and the added nutrients eliminate any chemical residue in the soil that might be harmful.